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4 Ways To Kill Time In Airports

14 Jun 2017
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Any traveller worth their salt has faced down that interminable wait for a connection flight or, even worse, the dreaded delayed flight home. It all seems so manageable when you're booking it. The reality however, is far more draining; in the midst of an energy-sapping, long distance haul, a connection or delay can be utter torture. Or maybe you're simply the type of person who likes to arrive extra early for their flight, to avoid any unneeded stress at what is often the Mecca of stress. Either way, you're looking at some airport downtime, so here are the four fool proof ways to easily kill said time when you find yourself stranded.

Arrivals Board

1 - Audiobooks

Bringing a real book to a place as distracting as an airport can often result in endless backtracking to re-read page after page. Also, what happens if you finish your book and have nothing to read? Even worse, what if you start the book but quickly realise you've picked a dud and it's no good? Fear not; just bring your phone. Why go to the trouble of straining your eyes when you could just have a bodiless voice read the book to you? Audiobooks, and to a certain extent podcasts, are great for airports because they allow you to keep one eye on your flight info, while also getting you seriously involved in an awesome read (or more accurately, awesome listen).


2 - Play Games on your Phone

There's nothing like a sense of competition to keep boredom at bay. Staying with the smartphone theme, it's very easy to get hooked on a smartphone game app or two while you're waiting for anything these days; this applies to airports too. There's hundreds upon thousands of games out there, so whether you enjoy bingo on mobile or Pokemon on mobile, there's definitely something in your friendly neighbourhood App Store to keep you engaged and competitive.


3 - Skype Someone You Like

Nothing kills time better than a good conversation, so why not set up a Skype call with one of your nearest and dearest to get you through a long airport wait? The Wi-Fi in most airports is perfectly acceptable to use for a video call, so hop online and see who's about; no doubt someone will be willing to Skype. Although, if rumours are to be believed, Skype will soon be reckoning with the relentless progress of Wi-Fi.

4 - Explore the Locale

Many people don't take advantage of the amazing cities right outside the airport door. If you're only carrying hand baggage and are facing a long connection, the best way to kill time at the airport is to not spend it at the airport! If you're looking at a layover, even better; your options multiply significantly. Most cities, especially capitals, are within easy reach of their major airports, and a couple of hours sightseeing could be a mere bus or train trip away. So brush off that jet lag and get out there; it's a sure-fire way to speed up that next leg of the journey!

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