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Adventure Holidays You Have To Try Before You Die

Is a beach holiday just too boring? Do you prefer to see your knuckles turn white rather than brown? If you do, there is only one option: an adventure holiday. Quite simply, there is no better way to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline racing. And, it’s fun for all the family, a couple, or a single traveller who wants to broad their horizons.

The only problem you will have is choosing a trip. For better or worse, there are dozens of different options, all of which are as good as the others. So, picking a holiday might not be as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, the kind people at Our Man on the Ground (us) are here to help!

Below you will find a variety of adventure vacations. All you have to do is choose the one which sounds the best. Buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Camping In The US Of A

Now, camping might not appear adventurous in the slightest. After all, glamping is a pretty nice way to spend a few days out of the house. But, there is more to it than meets the eye. To begin with, you are away from civilization and surrounded by Mother Nature herself. In a world where technology dominates everyday life, that’s a bold move. Plus, campers have to make their shelter, prepare food from scratch, and live without aids. So, you can forget about a washing machine and an iPad because they don’t have any traction in the Great Outdoors. If you want a bit more excitement, just venture out to the lakes and mountains that litter the country. There, you’ll find scenic, lung-bursting treks and wildlife that will make you gasp. Hopefully, no one will see a grizzly bear!


Skiing In British Columbia

Why B.C? Well, because it’s home to probably the greatest ski resort on the planet: Whistler. For any self-respecting skiers, this is the place to test out your skills. Okay, so it isn’t as independent camping under the stars because the resorts are glamorous. But, there is a lot more action thanks to the variety of ‘runs’ running down the slopes. Quite simply, there is nothing like a black run on Whistler because the traction is appalling and it’s very dangerous. However, if you manage to make it down, the sense of achievement is amazing. It’s like cheating death, but you want to do it over and over again. Anyone that fancies taking a break can partake in a range of adrenaline-fuelled activities, too. Whistler is by no means a one trick pony.


Safari In Africa

In the interest of honesty, other continents offer animal tours. Still, it doesn’t mean they are any better than the ones in Africa. The continent of creation is without a doubt the best place to see animals in the wild. From a Tanzania safari to one in South Africa, there is an array of places to jump in a Land Rover and witness indigenous species. Plus, Africa is home to some of the most spectacular animal sights in the world. Almost everyone knows about the annual wildebeest migration, but they don’t know it happens in Kenya and is widely available to watch. And there are plenty of people that don’t even know about the Great Flood, let alone that it happens in Botswana. The thrill of watching cheetahs and elephants in their habit is a kick. But, the unpredictability heightens the tension even further. Once you experience a charging hippo, you’ll understand.


The Aurora Borealis In The Arctic Circle

People might know The Land of Fire and Ice as something out of the Game of Thrones. But, long before George R R Martin came up with a bestseller, the Arctic Circle was coining the phrase. The expression comes from the amount of snow-capped volcanoes, icebergs, and glaciers of the surrounding the area. However, underneath the surface are bubbling springs which spray out hot water. How is this extreme? Well, walking in below zero temperatures and then stripping off and jumping in hot springs takes courage. Just slipping off a glove is brave in the Arctic. Apart from the nudity, there is also one of the most jaw-dropping sights in the world. The Aurora, or the Northern Lights, is one hell of a trek into barren, freezing tundra. Still, the lights are enough to warm up the coldest soul. Seriously, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world, which makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Football Stadium

Riding Through Vietnam

If there is one place to buy or rent a motorcycle, it’s Vietnam. For starters, the entire country seems like it only has one mode of transport anyway. So, you’ll need one to fit in with the locals. More importantly, it’s a very accessible country with a notorious route from top to bottom. Whether you start in Hanoi and work your way down to Ho Chi Minh or vice versa, it’s one hell of a journey. Plus, there is a range of extreme activities along the way such as the caves of Phong Nha. In all honesty, the ride itself is full of bumps, bruises and near misses so you might want a rest. By the end of it, you’ll definitely need to stand up for a few days to relieve the pressure!

Watching A Football Match In South America

Soccer is a global sport, the biggest one in the world. So, going all the way to South America, in particularly Argentina, will seem like a stretch. The thing is most football stadiums around the world are safe. The Bombonera in Buenos Aires can’t say the same. Nicknamed the ‘Chocolate Box,' the stands are sheer and dominating from end to end. Add to the fact that the ultras (hooligans) run a tight operation and you have an explosive atmosphere. The fact that 15 people alone died in 2014 means it’s risky, yet it is quite an experience if you can get out alive.

There is even an ‘ultra-package’ for the bravest of the brave.

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