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Living Large in London

31 May 2017
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A lot of people really underestimate London as a travel destination. They imagine a grey city, perpetually overcast, the sky always threatening rain (and, very often, delivering on that threat). But London, far from the unsavoury stereotypes it has across the world, is a perfect destination if you want a trip where you can live large and get plenty of thrills. Besides, people really do exaggerate how bad the weather is! Here are some ideas for you.

Tower Bridge

High-life accommodation

If you want to live large in London, then you should probably start with the accommodation. How far you want to take this will, of course, depend on your budget. If you really want to keep accommodation costs down to the bare minimum so you can spend more cash on activities, then there are plenty of options available to you, including hostels. But if you want your trip to include an additional edge of luxury, then you should consider booking yourself into a boutique hotel in London. These will usually keep you very close to the action of the city.

Take to the skies

If you want to elevate yourself from the streets and get a great view of everything you can explore in this fascinating city, then why not hop into a helicopter? Helicopter tours aren’t just the domain of New York City – you can get helicopter tours in London, too! You can get private rides if you’re feeling particularly lavish, and you can even get open door flights if you want to feel the rush of the wind (as well as get some unparalleled photography opportunities!).

London Eye

Incredible theatre

When people think of amazing and successful theatres across the world, they tend to think of two places: Broadway in New York City, and the West End in London. London is replete with incredible things to do, but its theatre district is probably the crown jewel of this area. Big names are always featured on the West End; Andrew Garfield, who was nominated for an Oscar this year, is currently starring in a West End production of the brilliant Angels in America. And the globe-dominating The Book of Mormon also houses its most lavish production at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

Cultural adventures in the east

The West End isn’t the only part of the city that’s replete with cultural highlights! If you want to see things with a more daring, underground vibe, then the east of the city could be an ideal destination for you. Places like Brick Lane and Shoreditch are hubs of exciting underground music acts and strange, low-key theatre. Some would dismiss these places as “hipster”, but you can’t spell hipster without “hip”, right?

West End Theatre

World-famous nightlife

If there’s one thing that London is world-famous for when it comes to thrills, it’s the nightlife. It features some of the greatest clubs in the world, and it’s not unusual to see celebrities from the world over – the likes of Kanye West, Drake, and Rihanna have all been spotted in these clubs. While such a night out may not be to everyone’s taste, those who are interested in a colourful and loud evening must check out the best clubs in the city. Keep in mind that they’re not exactly famous for being cheap, though!

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