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Magic To Be Seen In The Show Me State

13 May 2017
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We have a fascination with the nicknames given to states. They just cast a certain allure over them, a little snippet into what’s hidden there, a logline to sum up what makes them so special. The Golden State of California. Michigan is The Great Lakes State and Texas is The Lone Star State. Each of these says a little something about what’s tucked away within their state lines. That’s why we have always been so intrigued by Missouri, The Show Me State.

To earn such a magical nickname, you have to have unrivalled magic, and that is exactly what it has. Breathtaking nature, popping cities and some of the most memorable cultural experiences anywhere. The question is, what are the best things The Show Me State has to, well, show you.

Union Station Kansas City

Chain Of Rocks

There is something so incredibly mystical and almost surreal about the gothic water intakes of St Louis, which is why you absolutely must see them. They are like looking at something from a James Cameron film if he were to make a historical/alternate universe film. The Palladian designs of one, change to Romanesque style tower to the next, it is amazing to see first-hand.

Museum Of Art

If you’re in Missouri then you’ll probably have Kansas City scrawled somewhere on your itinerary. What you may not have, though, is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, one of the most culturally important attractions in the entire state (if not the country). It is mega, and by mega what we mean is astonishing. Sure, it has a little bit of something from every corner of the earth, but their East Asian art is just wow.

Wine, Wine, And More Wine

You can’t go to Missouri and not go on a wine trail, that’s like blasphemy. It’s just wrong. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, whether it is pairing wine with cheese, wine with bacon, or just pairing wine with wine, you have got to sign up for an event here before you do anything. Oh, we forgot to mention wine with chocolate. That’s another one. Seriously, check out the wine trails of Missouri, you won’t regret it.

Fort Riley, Kansas

National Battlefields

August 10th, 1861. It is one of the most famous dates in American history and Wilson’s Creek is one of the most important locations. That is because almost 17,500 troops fought here and, although the Confederates won thanks to outnumbering the Union two to one, the fighting didn’t stop. Here, though, you will find artefacts like no other at the Wilson’s Creek Civil War museum. The pick here, for us, was seeing Patrick Cleburne’s sword belt and sash. Staggering.

Vaile Mansion

As a building, this could be one of our favourites ever. Sure, it is a little off the beaten track, but it is worth the trip because it is so impressive to look at, like a mini version of La Sagrada Familia in many ways. It is just superb, and such an amazing insight into how the upper class would have lived back in 1881. 31 rooms, 9 marble fireplaces, painted ceilings, and what would have been state-of-the-art luxuries; flushing toilets. Basically, if you’re passing anywhere near the town of Independence (great name) it is well worth a pitstop just to see this home.

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