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The Rise Of The Wild Camping Tour

19 Apr 2017
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Every so often a new trend comes along in the world of camping. This time, it’s the turn of a wild camping tour, where novice and experienced backpackers alike trek together across the wilderness. There’s now a multi-million-dollar industry that has grown up around the idea, all thanks to people’s desire to get out into the wilderness, but not to have to organize their own routes.

All this means that tour guides – people who love to be out adventuring in the wilderness – are doing fantastic business. If you’re looking for a hiking holiday, you’ll be paying around $150 for a two-night trip all the way up to $500 for a week-long adventure. Along the way, you’ll meet new people and see parts of the wilderness that few eyes ever gaze upon. You’ll also get a chance to reconnect with your human spirit, leaving behind the world of work for a few brief, precious days and getting out into the wild, the place we all belong.


It’s not just walking tours either. All over the world, tour guides will take mountain bikers through the wilderness and provide support vehicles, just in case the equipment breaks or it all gets too much. A week-long biking tour, complete with meals, can cost anywhere up to $1,600. In the UK, for instance, a bicycle tour runs through the heart of the Scottish Highlands, past the Cairngorms plateau and down towards Fort William. The tour is around 200 miles long, and each day of riding is broken up into 30 to 40 mile chunks, sandwiched at either end by a campsite or a B&B according to Skeddadle.com.

Though there are many benefits to a wild camping tour, these factors come up time and time again.


Great For Self-Reliance

In the modern world, it’s easy to get the impression that you don’t really have any control over your life. Food keeps turning up in the supermarket, week after week, but you have no control over whether it’ll be there or not. Being out in nature helps to give people back that sense of self-dependence and reliance. You have to prepare and cook all your own meals from scratch, and on some tours, you even have to collect food yourself from the surrounding wilderness.

Adventure tours are also great for building mental resilience too. Nature doesn’t give anything away for free. Simply traversing a mountain is full of potential peril and pitfalls.

Lake Tahoe

Improve Your Camping Skills

Another reason why people head out into the wilderness is because they want to improve their camping skills. Not only do they want to learn how to pitch a tent more quickly, but they also want to try new things, like the camping hammocks, featured on TentsAndCampGear.com. Camping is something that you have to do again and again to become proficient in, just like anything else.

You Get To Experience Freedom

Being in the city can sometimes feel oppressive with CCTV cameras watching your every move. But being out in the wilderness is completely different. Nobody owns anything. There are no cameras – just mile after mile of open countryside.

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