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A Culinary Tour of America

14 Apr 2017
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Experiencing authentic cuisine from around the world is a wonderful thing, but it’s also quite expensive. If you have the money, it can be great to jet around the world, trying all sorts of amazing food from different countries, but most of us don’t have that luxury. That doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a round the world culinary trip. There are plenty of places in America that are much easier to get to, and still offer authentic cuisine from countries all over the world. If you want to take your own culinary tour, here are some of the best American cities to visit.

St. Louis, Missouri

If you want good Italian food with a twist, St. Louis is the place for you. A lot of the dishes they serve can only be found in Missouri so it is worth making the trip. They are famous for their thin-crust pizzas, that use a blend of cheese toppings that you won’t find anywhere else. Another signature dish is deep fried Ravioli, which might not be to everybody’s tastes, but it is certainly an experience. If you are looking for something other than Italian, visit for brilliant, authentic Chinese food. You can also experience something that they like to call Crispy Snoots. A kind of pork rind snack made from a pig’s snout.

St. Louis

San Jose, California

One of the best places in the country to get authentic Japanese food in the US is San Jose. Well known for the many different Ramen places on offer. Most of them are hidden away in shopping malls so you’ll have to do a bit of searching, but it’s definitely worth it.

Cleveland, Ohio

Most people wouldn’t consider Cleveland to be a place known for its food, but it’s a city on the rise. There are a lot of new places opening, that are embracing the Polish influence in the area. If you are into huge sandwiches filled with delicious cured meats, then you need to add Cleveland to your tour. The whole restaurant scene in Cleveland is built around its markets, so all of the dishes you eat will be made with fresh, locally sourced produce.


Baltimore, Maryland

If you love seafood, then Baltimore is a must. The whole city lives off crab when they are in season, because they are some of the best crabs in the world. With such large amounts of competition, you are likely to see a lot of inventive dishes based around this staple of Baltimore cooking.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Everybody knows that the best cheese and beer in the world comes from Europe, but if you can’t make it there, Milwaukee is a close second. Along with other European dishes, like pretzels and German style sausages, Milwaukee restaurants serve the best in cheese and beer. One of the most famous dishes on offer is the beer and cheese soup. It might sound a bit strange, but it is a winner with locals and tourists alike.


Miami, Florida

Miami is a well-renowned party spot, but it is also home to some of the best, and most varied cuisine in the country. If you can drag yourself away from the bars for long enough, then it is definitely worth checking out. There is a huge Cuban influence in the area, and this comes out in the food. You can find brilliant cubanos and croquettas and the Cuban coffee is amazing. If you visit Miami, make sure not to spend all of your time on the beach and miss out on all of the great food on offer.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is most famous for being the birthplace of Chipotle, which is now a multi-billion-dollar restaurant empire with a location in every major city in America, but there is plenty of other good food to be found there. There are a surprising number of authentic Italian restaurants, as well as a rich Vietnamese food scene. When you’re in Denver, by all means visit Chipotle, and some of the other fast-food chains that originated there, but make sure you don’t neglect the rest of the food on offer.


Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is home to some of the best southern food in America, but it is the unique fusions that restaurants are creating with it that make visiting Atlanta a must. There is a large population of Korean immigrants in the area and their cuisine has been combined with the traditional southern style to make some of the most interesting dishes out there. Imagine classic, slow-cooked briskets, marinated in authentic Korean spices, and incredible chicken wings with a whole host of inventive sauces and flavourings.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is most famous for its gambling, but it is a great place to experience a lot of different cuisines. It is like a round the world trip, contained in one city, with different areas dedicated to different countries, complete with miniature versions of the famous tourist attractions. This means that you can find almost any kind of cuisine there. It might not be the best in the country, but if you are looking for choice, then Vegas is the place to go. Perhaps the best cuisine on offer is Asian inspired, as there is a large Chinese and Taiwanese population in the area.


New York

New York has so much on offer that you could eat out there every night for a year and still not scratch the surface. There are so many signature dishes that the city is famous for, originating from all around the globe. If you’re looking for classic American, then don’t miss the hot dogs. There are carts all over the place where you can grab one of these famous snacks. They are also famous for their pizza’s, bagels, and of course, cheesecake. But there are some more adventurous cuisines out there as well. As a result of the large Jewish population in the city, there are plenty of dishes inspired by the Yiddish tradition. One of the best is definitely the Knisch, a type of dumpling that comes in all sorts of flavours.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas and helped you plan your culinary tour of America.

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