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Travel Off The Beaten Track

8 Apr 2017
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Travelling off the beaten track offers all of you nomads out there the chance to have the time of your lives’ away from crowds and hordes of tourists as well as affording you the opportunity to see things that will truly stick with you for a lifetime. Only by going off the beaten track will you truly be able to see all the hidden gems that our world has to offer.

Bathing with Elephant

On Thailand vacations, for instance, only by going off the beaten track will you be able to see some of the country’s most magical sights and take part in some of its most cultural activities. Instead of visiting the country’s top tourist attractions, like The Grand Palace or the Phi Phi Islands (although they are spectacular sights to behold), only by visiting a temple after hours or by bathing with elephants will you truly be able to immerse yourself in the culture of the jewel of Southeast Asia. And this part of the world offers up a plethora of other opportunities to experience things that are off the beaten track: in Myanmar, for example, you can visit the Tanintharyi Division and see one of the most undisturbed areas in the world (save a few fisherman). The fact that this region has only recently become accessible to tourists tells you everything you need to know about how preserved and untouched it really is.


And if it is in fact escaping the parts of the world that are heavily inhabited and ‘touched’ in order to see the final frontiers on offer on earth, then heading to a place just as Petra, in Jordan, is something that you should consider. There are no cities or suburbs around here to disturb the archaic tombs. This area has been inhabited for as long as time itself — it is because of this why it is now part of the World Heritage Convention.

Petra, Jordan

But if you want to go off the beaten track on your travels and visit this type of area, you will have to act quickly. More and more unbeaten tracks are becoming beaten in this day and age, something that has been helped no end by the Internet. In fact, reading articles such as this have contributed to rising number of tourists in areas that have previously been un-touristy. At the moment, however, there is still time to walk upon the unbeaten track; this is evidenced in the small town of Purmamarca in Argentina. This area, which is home to the Seven Coloured Mountains, has for its whole existence been a quaint and unvisited area — until now. More and more accommodation facilities and restaurants boasting food from cultures outside of Argentina are being built in this area, so if you want to visit it, you have to do so quickly before it becomes overrun with hordes of tourists.

There are a whole host of places that you need to explore — make sure you do so before their tracks are too beaten and their beauty diminished!

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