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Love Is In The Air! The Most Romantic Cities On Earth

6 Apr 2017
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Are you celebrating a special occasion, are you planning to pop the question, or are you simply keen to feel the love and book a romantic retreat? If love is in the air, and you’re desperate to find somewhere special to visit with your loved one, here are some of the most romantic destinations to discover now.

Notre Dame


There’s no other place to start than the ‘city of love.’ If you haven’t already been to Paris and you’re after a surefire winner in the romance stakes, there’s no better place to be. Stroll along the banks of the River Seine arm in arm, climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and meander through the winding streets surrounding the Champs-Elysees. Watch the artists in action and listen to the rustic sounds of the accordion playing while you sip on a coffee before heading out to dinner with views of the twinkling lights of the city skyline by night.

Big Ben


London packs a punch in the tourism stakes, and there’s a long list of sights and attractions on offer, but it’s also a wonderful place to spend a few days with someone special. You can book a private cruise along the Thames, take a picnic to Regent’s Park or hire a rowing boat on the Serpentine. By night, you’ll find a host of dazzlingly beautiful rooftop bars and some stunning restaurants. If you’re keen to plan something special, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to romantic restaurants in London. Search for recommendations and read reviews online, and then contact the restaurant in advance. You could pre-order flowers, arrange for a serenade or have a celebration cake presented after the main course. After dinner, take a moonlight walk along the banks of the River to round off a perfect day.



There is nowhere in the world like Venice. No matter how many photographs you’ve seen, nothing can prepare you for the sheer beauty of this floating city. This place is everything you hoped it could be and more. The scenery looks like something from a film set, and there’s an inescapable air of romance. Lose yourself in the labyrinth like streets before catching a gondola at dusk. For added effect, you can arrange some musical interludes, or you can simply sit back, chill out, and marvel at the incredible surroundings. Make sure you leave time to visit St Mark’s Square and take the boat out to Burano, a quaint island filled with multi-coloured fishermen's houses and cobbled streets.

Central Park

New York

If you’re a movie buff, you’re probably aware that New York features in too many rom-coms to mention. It’s no wonder that the city is a staple backdrop, given the beauty of the skyline and the vast green spaces on display in Central Park. For the ultimate romantic trip, book a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park before enjoying a rooftop dinner with views of the Empire State Building.

If love is in the air, and you’re hoping to plan a romantic sojourn, hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration. Sometimes, you can’t beat the classics, especially if you’re a hopeless romantic!

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