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What Is a Travel Money Provider and Why You Should Use One When Travelling Abroad

24 Mar 2017
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When contemplating an international trip, it is difficult to decide where and how to exchange your money. Be sure that you consider this carefully so that you are able to get the best possible exchange rate. Many times tourists forget what a difference in their travel budget a good exchange rate can make. It is always wise to check all of your currency exchange options in order to avoid spending more than you should. If you are currently residing in the UK or Australia and are considering travel abroad, consider utilizing a travel money provider to exchange your currency. By doing so, you will make the whole currency transaction far easier for yourself. Contemplate the reasoning below regarding whether a travel money provider is the ideal way for you to exchange money when you are traveling abroad from the UK and Australia.

Travel Money Providers – Defined

Many consumers both within the UK and Australia are confused about what a travel money provider is. This is no surprise due to the plethora of currency exchange companies on the market at the current moment. Where a travel money provider is beneficial is that it allows consumers to order their money a day in advance and then pick it up either the same day or the following day depending on currency and overall availability. Compare travel money providers before choosing one.

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How Using a Travel Money Provider Can Be an Advantage to You in the UK and Australia

There are many advantages for consumers that are deciding to utilize travel money providers in both the UK and Australia. Some of the primary ones include:

No Commission Fee: Many banks and exchange desks at airports charge a commission fee. Where a travel money provider can be a great benefit to consumers is that they do not charge such a fee and tailor their service to be more convenient for their customers. For customers with some advance warning of travel, this can serve as a major benefit to them.

Ease of Transaction: Order one’s currency online and then picking it up in person provides a major benefit to consumers as well because they don’t have to travel to a bank and then discover that the bank does not have sufficient currency to provide them. Be sure to take this into account when deciding whether a travel money provider is the ideal fit for your upcoming vacation.

Better Exchange Rates than Airports: Airports are notorious for having bad exchange rates because they know the reality is that they have you once you need money to purchase a taxi to your hotel, for example. Travel money providers allow customers to entirely avoid these high exchange rates by merely planning in advance.

Foreign Credit Cards

Being Prepared Before Their Trip: Not having to worry about exchanging one’s currency before international travel is a major relief. The reality is that there always could be some problem exchanging money when abroad. For example, the airport kiosk could be closed or they may not accept your notes because they are too old. Whichever reason it may be, it is always best to exchange your currency before travelling. Utilizing a travel money provider makes this possible and provides a great deal of relief for your upcoming vacation.

Prepaid Card: Prepaid cards are tremendous in that they allow travellers to budget better than bank cards or credit cards. Once the amount exchanged is gone, the card is declined. This greatly limits overspending. Additionally, these cards have wonderful lost or stolen policies that protect the money that you already exchanged.

2 Hours Later Pick Up for United States Dollars and Euros: If you happen to be travelling to European Union countries or the United States, you will be able to pick up you currency as soon as two hours, which is a major benefit for the busy individual or the traveller on the go.

Over 90 Currencies Available: If you are venturing in other parts of the globe for your vacation, your currency will likely be available to you. If the currency is more exotic like the SGD, it will take slightly longer to be prepared at your local branch. The convenience is that the travel money provider will give you a designated date and pick up time that you can implement into your busy schedule.

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Many Different Branch Locations: Regardless of where you reside, there is likely a branch that is convenient for you to pick up your currency. This is yet another major benefit of using a travel money provider for travellers to consider.

Final Remarks on the Subject

When one has travelled to many obscure locations around the globe, one learns that certain currencies are not friendly in other nations or that currency kiosks can close after eleven in the evening. What this means is that planning is absolutely essential. The advantage of using a travel money provider is that the process is streamlined, effective, and efficient. Be sure to consider utilizing a travel money provider for your next vacation if you are a UK or Australian national that is travelling to exotic locales around the world. You will surely be elated that you did.

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