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Filling The Traveller’s Coin Purse

10 Mar 2017
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Most people have dreams of travelling the world. In most cases, these journeys are pushed back and forgotten. And, then, later in life, people regret that they haven’t seen the things they’ve always wanted to see. The biggest reasons for leaving travel plans behind are time and money. For the first challenge, time, you have an easy solution; you just have to make it. Money, however, is a little more difficult to solve. Most people struggle to pay for their everyday expenses. So, planning travel is a big no-no. But, with some clever tricks, you can get out there. To help you out, this post will be going through everything you need to know about filling the traveller’s coin purse.

Bag of Coins

For Short Journeys

Shorter journeys are usually much easier to plan on a budget than long ones. The fact that you’ll be away for less time makes the whole thing cheaper. And, there are more options available aimed at people who need something cheap. It’s not always easy to find a good price, though. So, this section will be helping you to use the best options.

Arguably the best option to fund your holiday is with simple saving. Of course, this can be a challenge. When you’re living without too much money, it’s hard to save even a small amount. So, you may need to be strict. Most people will spend more than they have to on their day-to-day needs. Things like cosmetic products and comforts can always be scaled back to allow for a little bit of saving. Motivation can be a great tool when it comes to saving money. If you look up the sort of holiday you want to go on, you’ll get a rough estimate of what you need to save. This gives you a nice goal to reach. And, when you get there; you’ll be able to go on a trip. But, remember, you also need to save some money for goodies while you’re away!

When it comes to spending money in different countries, you need to be careful. Using your regular bank card can incur charges that you don’t need to pay. And, it might not give you the best exchange rate. This means that you’ll be losing money by using this sort of card. Instead, of doing this, you can use a credit card to pay for things when you’re abroad. Loads of credit cards are designed to be used in different countries; with no fees for purchases in different places. And, low interest for small payments. Choosing a card like this will take a lot of thought. You need to make sure that you’re using a good option. Websites like Upgraded Points have loads of resources to help you choose the best card for this job. And, if you manage to pay the credit off within a month of borrowing it; you won’t pay interest. Paying back money quickly can actually have a positive effect on your credit score.


For Long Journeys

Longer journeys can be a little more challenging to fund. Most of the time, journeys like this will require that you still pay for things back at home. Of course, you can limit this as much as possible. But, you still have to factor it in. Along with this, you need to be able to live while you’re away. And, this will require some money. So, below you’ll find some of the best ways to make sure that you can afford to keep the travelling going.

Saving up for a longer trip can be difficult. You have to save a lot more than you would for a shorter trip. And, you will have to make sure that you don’t have too many ongoing costs. Like short trips, saving money for this will take some serious budgeting. But, it’s worth it. When you’re going to be going away for a long time, you can start to think about selling your current possessions. Some of the items you own won’t be worth much when you get home. But, they could be worth something decent now. Things like computers and electronics are great money makers. And, with the right tech; you can make some good money. So, dig out your gadgets and see what you can get for them.

A lot of people will struggle to save up enough money to travel for several months. So, you need to find another way to fund your travel. And, a great way to do this is by working abroad. It’s easy to get visas to work in most countries. If you have a skill, too; this can be a great benefit. You’ll be able to use your skills to make more money. Depending on where you are and the skills you have, this could be a great deal more than you make at home. A lot of countries have lower taxes and cheaper items in stores. So, you’ll be able to get more for your money. If you’re able to work for people in your home country, this can be even better. Getting paid the same as you would at home, in a cheaper country, can be a great way to save loads of money.


Most people regret the qualifications they chose to take at school. But, having the chance to study is something that most people don’t get. For similar reason to travel, this pursuit is hard. But, you can tie travel and study together, and get an excellent mix. A lot of schools, colleges, and universities offer courses that allow you to travel. In these situations, you’ll still get the student financing that you’d usually get. And, you’ll be able to get a new skill under your belt. This can be a great way to make sure that you can keep on travelling.

People That Can Help

Sometimes, the best way to achieve something like travel is getting help from people in good positions. It takes a lot of research to find all of the options you have available. And, most people don’t have the patience for this. Using other people’s knowledge is a great way to skip the work, and get to the good stuff.

Travel agents make money from selling tips to people. This means that they will usually be willing to make compromises to make a sale. Making less money is better than making no money at all. So, playing people in this position is a great way to get a cheaper trip. Always ask about deals that they have on. Ask them about the other hotels that are in the areas you wish to visit. This will give you a chance to compare prices and choose a great place. Travel agents will be happy to show you the options they have available. And, they will be happy to lower prices if it means that they make a sale.


A lot of people like to do work when they’re overseas. And, one of the best ways to do this is with a charity. There are loads of charities that help people to volunteer in remote areas of the world. You usually have to save some money as a donation to the charity. This will cover the costs of your travel. And, will help them to give you spending money while you're away. You’ll stay in accommodation provided by the people that you’re helping. And, you’ll have food provided to you. All-in-all this makes for a much cheaper trip than you would have doing it on your own. And, you get to do some good for the world while you’re seeing some of it.

There are other ways to work abroad, though. Companies like HelpStay help people to find work all over the world. Jobs like these usually come with accommodation and food. You probably won’t be paid. But, instead, given the place to stay as way of payment. This gives you a lot more scope to try new things than doing charity work. And, it gives you a much larger choice of places to go. You usually have to pay for your own flights and visa to do something like this. But, this is a small price to pay to be able to travel somewhere new.

If you’re already in school or planning to go, you may already have the perfect resource waiting for you. A lot of schools offer ways for students to travel to different countries to study. Most educational establishments have partners in different countries. And, they will share students to make sure that they get different types of funding. This might not give you a choice of where you want to go. But, it will give you a chance to go somewhere.


Hopefully, this will help you to get yourself out of home and into another country. Travelling the world can open the mind and give you a greater appreciation for the world. Seeing the way that other people live will make it easier for you to make life choices. And, it will give you new ideas. Most people find that travel changes their life. So, it’s worth taking the plunge.

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