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Blog archive - 07 December, 2016

Bread? What Bread? M Raw’s 100% Gluten-Free Menu Launches At M Victoria

7 Dec 2016
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The gluten-free option might come as a surprise to those that know M Restaurants as one of the top steak joints in town – I’d certainly balk at the idea of them ditching the triple-cooked chips that accompanied my inimitable T-Bone when I visited M Grill earlier in the year…

Joshua Radin Prepares for a Royally Good Show at The Queen’s Hall

7 Dec 2016
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Not to draw comparisons, but at time of writing, Radin’s latest single ‘High and Low’ has reached over a quarter of a million plays and counting on Spotify in a matter of weeks, whilst even my loyal couch is getting sick of my pitiful Wonderwall renditions…