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Blog archive - 14 December, 2015

3 Essential Items to take with you when travelling

14 Dec 2015
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Everyone has a long list of things they bring with them when travelling. Sometimes, you may forget something, and it won’t be a big deal. So you forgot your toiletries, it’s not an issue! But, there are certain things that you absolutely can’t forget. Here’s a list of travel essentials...

We learn from the Masters of (Nikka All) Malt at Rev JW Simpson’s Spirited Sermon

14 Dec 2015
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We take our seats in the cosy, candle-lit bar and peruse the bespoke menu for this evening that the diligent bar team has fashioned around the spirit de jour, Nikka. Stefanie Holt, the Brand Ambassador who’s running the evening ushers groups to a tall table to talk through the history of Nikka...