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Blog archive - November, 2015

Beautiful Croatia – Rovinj in Istria and the Hotel Adriatic Part 2

29 Nov 2015
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Groznjan is certainly worth a visit, it's full of quirky shops and pretty buildings and the views are amazing. As well as all the truffles there are galleries, jewelry and food shops. One of the shop owners Sandra also hunts for truffles with her labrador…

Beautiful Croatia – Rovinj in Istria and the Hotel Adriatic

29 Nov 2015
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Flying into Trieste meant that we had to cross Slovenia before we came to Croatia. It’s beautiful countryside to drive through and with hardly any cars about didn’t’t take too long. Our destination was the newly renovated jewel in the crown of north Croatia, The Hotel Adriatic…

New Saatchi Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill

The Churchill has had a long association with London’s contemporary Saatchi Gallery, with this being the hotel’s fifth collaboration with the gallery since 2012, which brings up and coming and aspiring artists’ works into the hotel for guests to enjoy. It also adds a colourful ever-changing dimension to the hotel’s lobby, reception area and Montagu Restaurant walls...

8 perfect gift ideas for a backpacker

26 Nov 2015
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The itinerary of the backpacker is so different from the casual beach-dwelling holidaymaker that they can barely even be mentioned in the same breath. There are few luxuries and fewer excesses of clothing in the rucksack of someone literally carrying their belongings for a vast section of the expedition into daring locations...

New Amsterdam Vodka: Hitting the High Notes in London

25 Nov 2015
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The bottle has a clear, skyscraper-design and boasts a hologram of the Empire State Building on the back of it, lending it a ‘city drink’ vibe. The royal blue detailing whispers ‘premium’ and this is backed up by the quintuple distillation process from fine grains, then triple-filtered to create an ultra-smooth spirit...

Bourne & Hollingsworth do ’90s Clubland with Below And Hidden: Not a Tarquin In Sight

24 Nov 2015
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In the basement of Clerkenwell’s excellent B & H Buildings restaurant lies a Narnian surprise for big kids who enjoy table service with a twist. The dark room is kitted out with the kind of light system that would make Robocop bust a nut, rows and rows of multi-coloured bulbs semi-hidden behind centuries-old tapestry...

Everything You Need To Know About the Growing Luxury Hotel Market

23 Nov 2015
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As an industry, the growing luxury hotel market falls under four main categories: airport hotels, resorts, suite hotels and business hotels with each one aiming to offer nothing but high quality to visitors and unsurprisingly business hotels held the largest share in the market in 2014…

‘W36’ – West London’s new Rotisserie Rave

20 Nov 2015
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Though the menu is vast, W36 prizes its menu on staple British food cooked on open grills and fire pits year round. The Rotisserie chicken and house aged prime cuts of beef is the restaurant’s star attraction served on huge wooden slabs reflecting on its organic direction. New additions to the menu are a must try and consist of starters of creamy and juicy ‘Raw scallops, avocado and pomegranate’…

Hipster Bingo Nights: Discover London’s Finest

20 Nov 2015
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Now, some say that bingo is old-fashioned and a ‘sport’ for pensioners but those people obviously haven’t heard about the new bingo craze that’s swept through the hipster halls of London, rejuvenating this once octogeneric pastime. Check out our shortlist of where to find the most glamorous ‘two fat ladies’ and the longest ‘legs eleven’ that this great city has to offer...

A Jewel in the Desert

20 Nov 2015
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The ultimate rags-to-riches story of America is most probably the history of Las Vegas, which is filled with uncommon foes and heroes. The City of Las Vegas took shape at the beginning of the 20th Century as a railroad watering hole and later it became the largest American city after being converted into the gateway to the Hoover Dam...