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Blog archive - 28 October, 2015

Birmingham’s New Super Casino Has Opened Its Doors: Where Should You Stay?

28 Oct 2015
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Most of you have probably heard about the opening of Birmingham’s new luxury super casino by Resorts World but for those not in the know, the £150 million, 7-story megastructure had its controversial grand debut on Wednesday October 21st and has already been the subject of both great praise and unsettled concern...

Craft Beer Fan? Head Down to Chinatown for Spice Market’s Barley and Buns Offer

28 Oct 2015
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Having only heard the menu’s title as opposed to reading it, we assumed that there was going to be a Balinese element to the buns, but we were happy to see the ‘-rley’ in the title and deduced that that meant that beer was going to feature at some point. And feature it did...