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Blog archive - 23 October, 2015

Card Games from around the world and where you need to go to find their origins

23 Oct 2015
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Las Vegas is known as Disneyland for adults and for good reason, as pretty much anything goes and “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” as they say or at least it should. It’s larger than life and there is so much to see and do from the glitter of the shows to the eye popping large casinos many people visit to try their luck...

Top 3 Scandinavian Luxury Casino Hotels

23 Oct 2015
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What comes to mind when I mention Scandanavia? Vikings, no doubt, and probably a vague idea of the general location of the area. For those a little down on their geography, Scandanavia comprises the three old kingdoms of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Pure Viking territory, in other words and there's a lot more going on up there in the north than meets the eye...