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Blog archive - August, 2015

Sarah Riches

31 Aug 2015
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Sarah Riches has eight years' experience as a lifestyle journalist and is the author of the travel guide the London Almanac and the deputy editor of the tourist magazine Where London...

Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Luxury Sailing Holiday

28 Aug 2015
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If you’re looking for a luxury trip with a difference, then a sailing or yachting holiday may be the perfect option for you. Taking your holiday away from the land and out to sea allows you to truly escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, whilst also allowing you access to new horizons and adventures. Here are our top tips for planning the perfect luxury sailing holiday...

A Liquid Performance by New Found Glory

27 Aug 2015
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Interaction with the eager, energetic audience began well before genre defining pop punk band New Found Glory had even appeared on stage. The lighting was subdued, interlude music silenced and the air anticipatory. Essential sound checks were carried out and as strums of guitar chords could be heard backstage, the crowd clapped hands, stomped feet and cheered in excitement...

It’s Neanderthal food with a new-age twist at Ask For Janice’s Urban Edibles

27 Aug 2015
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The idea behind Urban Edibles is that you don’t have to go far and wide to find top-notch ingredients; plants and herbs have been gathered from Hackney Wick, Highgate Wood and Clerkenwell to be paired with meat from animals reared around the London area (and Tunbridge Wells)...

An All Time Show

26 Aug 2015
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It's every teenager's dream: form a punk band at high school, get signed by a large label and tour the world. It certainly was mine, and that's exactly what the boys of All Time Low have done. Now I watch on with envy as the friends from Baltimore play a sell-out show at The Edinburgh Corn Exchange, which is their final gig before they are to perform at two of the UK's largest festivals: Reading and Leeds…

America's Best Out-of-the-Way Water Getaways

25 Aug 2015
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When the heat of August has you going to extreme measures to cool off (ice bath in the middle of the afternoon, anyone?), take it as a sign to plan the vacation you've been dreaming of. Why not choose from one of America's best out-of-the-way water destinations to get away from the crowds and tourist traps...

Ski Club Freshtracks 2015/16 Winter Ski Holidays

21 Aug 2015
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As the evenings sadly begin to draw in and autumn just around the corner, many of us will be turning our thoughts to winter and the new ski season. Maybe that’s even a cause for celebration. For those of you unfamiliar with the Freshtracks programme, it is designed to create inspirational group holidays that are ideal for solo skiers with a passion for the white stuff...

Berlin – A vibrant city steeped in history Part 2

19 Aug 2015
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Throughout the day I got the full lowdown on the Berlin Wall and the famous airlift of 1948. In June of that year the Russians imposed a series of economic sanctions that involved stopping all transport in or out of the city, ceased supplying non Soviet citizens of food or fuel and started ‘threatening’ military exercises around Berlin…

Berlin – A vibrant city steeped in history

19 Aug 2015
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The train ride from the airport is quick and after an underground station or two I left the train at Alexander Platz station. Emerging into a grey day, not quite having my bearings I looked up and at once knew where I was. The enormous 666ft television tower loomed above me like a futuristic building from the Jetsons. I was in what was once East Berlin. How things have changed…

The importance of a First Aid kit while travelling

18 Aug 2015
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Whether you’re jetting off into the sun for a few weeks or planning an adventure closer to home, it’s wise to take a first aid kit on holiday with you. This also applies if you’re going on a road trip or have booked a world tour, as you never know when you’ll need essential medical equipment. Many of us take our health for granted, but here’s why first aid supplies are essential when travelling...