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Blog archive - 01 June, 2015

Celebrate Spring with 4 new BLOOM Cocktails at One Aldwych

1 Jun 2015
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I love Spring time when nature comes to life and all the flowers start to bloom and of course it means that summer is on its way along with the (hopefully) better weather and longer days. It’s with this in mind that the mixologists in the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych in London’s Covent Garden have come up with four delicious limited edition new cocktails in partnership with BLOOM Gin...

The Meat Co. celebrates National Burger Month in Luxurious Style

1 Jun 2015
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Adding their own twist to National Burger Month, The Meat Co. have decided to ‘lux up’ their existing burgers by adding luxury toppings to them; choose either lobster, scallops, foie gras and giant prawns to be placed atop a 200g or 400g patty, sandwiched in between a soft bun...with the option of extra cheese, of course...