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Blog archive - April, 2015

Ditch The Screen Glow and Get Hot, Healthy and Happy with Madeleine Shaw and Harvey Nichols

My friend and I ascend the escalators to Harvey Nichol’s fifth floor, where a clutch of nutrition fans are already sipping their low-sugar berry and vodka cocktails as celebrity diet coach-to-the-stars Madeleine Shaw is chatting health and happiness to her 30 or so guests...

72 Hours in Northern Portugal

29 Apr 2015
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Following a recent visit to northern Portugal, Lucy McGuire shares her thoughts on where to stay and what you can see and do if you have three days to spare, taking in the cities of Porto, Braga and Guimarães…

How to Spend 48 Hours in Bordeaux

27 Apr 2015
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Touch down at Bordeaux airport and the luggage carousel lets you know what you’re in for, it being flanked by two gigantic wine bottle statues. Collect your bag or sail through with the rest of the savvy packers before hailing a taxi to take you the short 30-minute journey to Le Saint-James in Bouliac, the ‘Balcony of Bordeaux’, an Elysian resort that will provide you with all sorts of epicurean delights...

The Best Canadian Cities for Water Lovers

24 Apr 2015
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Since spring's arrival, many travel enthusiasts have happily stopped thinking about shoveling snow and de-icing their cars, and have started perusing hotel and airline websites. With summer vacations coming up, it’s not too soon to start planning a fabulous getaway filled with plenty of fun and relaxation. If you have always dreamed of visiting Canada – or have been there before and have been looking forward to going back...

‘Room with A View’ at Andaz Liverpool Street

Last year the Andaz Liverpool Street London embarked upon an ambitious 12 month project to decorate four of its Large King guestrooms with the theme of East London street art, calling it ‘Room With A View.’ The first room named “The Pearly Room” was painted by Chris Price and opened last July. The last room to be painted “The Day The Flower Rose”, opened this month...

Rev JW Simpson Goes Back To The Future With Pierre Ferrand 1840-style Cognac

23 Apr 2015
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Our Luxury Travel Blog heads down to another Rev JW Simpson’s Spirited Sermon to find out the story behind the story of the world’s favourite digestif. The chic bar is already busy with discerning punters that are thirsty for the Rev’s trademark twist-on-classic cocktails as well as the knowledge that they imbibe when they attend...

“Bluey The Movie” brings the KLM Mascot to Life

20 Apr 2015
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For the first time KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has brought life to its cute little mascot ‘Bluey’, who stars in the first of KLM’s short animated movies aimed at children. Our Luxury Travel Blog is sure however that parents will love it as well. You can watch the film here l as well as onboard all their intercontinental flights from this coming June...

British Airways Lounge at Glasgow Airport

19 Apr 2015
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Our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at airport lounges as travel can be taxing – and flying is often the worst part of it. But not when you enter the airport lounge, a sanctuary of calm and order in the frenetic world of the airport. British Airways’ lounge at Glasgow Airport is open only to those flying in First, Club World or Club Europe, to Silver and Gold members…

Make Your Next Business Trip Eco-Friendly

17 Apr 2015
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Today our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at some tips to make your next business trip more eco-friendly. Many businesses require travel, and if yours is one of them, you are having a big impact on the environment with every trip you take. Be mindful of your impact and do what you can to make greener choices along the way...

Top 10 Luxury Sailing and Yachting Destinations

16 Apr 2015
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Our Luxury Travel Blog takes a look at escaping the stresses and strains of everyday life, and suggests that there is no better way than to leave the shore behind and set sail. Sailing and yachting holidays are the most luxurious way to have a new adventure, whether you want to drift along crystal clear shores in Europe, or discover a new paradise island a little further afield...