Florida Keys

Coral Cay Archipelago // 127 Square Miles // 90 miles from Cuba // Seven Mile Bridge // Only 20 Feet above Sea Level // over 1,700 Islands...

John Oates

22 Mar 2015
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John Oates

A former literary agent, John’s career took a sharp turn after he won the Guardian newspaper’s Young Travel Writer of the Year award in 2002. After a year spent travelling solo from Uzbekistan to Nepal, with little more than a shaky grasp of Russian to get him through Central Asia, John returned to London intent on pursuing travel writing to legitimise his wanderlust. Today he specialises in destinations in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Particularly drawn to out-of-the-way places and off-beat topics, but with a soft spot for occasional luxury, John considers photography to be an integral part of his work. He has contributed to numerous magazines in the UK and beyond, from Get Lost (an Australian magazine for independent travellers) to Upward Curve (distributed on private and corporate charter flights). John has also researched and written guidebook material for Rough Guides, Dorling Kindersley and Footprint, as well as web and app content for companies such as World Travel Guides, Vertu and Insight.

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