Founded 7th Century // Ragusa // Medieval Walled City // UNESCO World Heritage Site // Sponza Palace // Annual Summer Festival // 43,000 people…

Simon Burrell

20 Sep 2014
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Simon Burrell

Simon Burrell is Editor-in-Chief and founder of Our Man On The Ground, based in London. Having worked 12 years for Newsweek Magazine travelling around the world, he decided to take his knowledge and experience to create a website and travel Media Company focussing on luxury travel for the discerning traveller, but from the locals’ point of view. He has built up a wonderful team of experienced journalists and contributors around the world who are his ‘men and women on the ground’.

Simon launched ‘OMOTG Lifestyle – An Insider’s Guide to Luxury Travel’ in 2014, which is a fully interactive digital eMagazine for Tablets and available to download from the AppStore.

As well as being a member of The British Guild of Travel Writers and The International Travel Writers Alliance, Simon also does freelance editing, content writing and creative copywriting as well as writing for other blogs.

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