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Blog archive - June, 2014

Four Luxurious Island Vacation Destinations

29 Jun 2014
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Are you in need of an island getaway? Whether you're looking for a romantic vacation for two or hoping to take the family to a fun-filled tropical destination, we've got you covered. Island vacations offer sandy beaches, cool salty breezes, an abundance of water-faring activities and luxurious resort amenities...

Go Wild: Eat, Drink, Dance Your Way Across Australia

27 Jun 2014
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Australia is a stunning country to visit, worthy of a lengthy stay for several weeks – there’s certainly so much to see and do that you can see why so many travellers choose to spend a significant amount of time exploring every nook and cranny...

Pizza Rossa opens its first Pop-up venue in London

25 Jun 2014
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Street food vendors in Italy have inspired award-winning Pizza Rossa to open their first pop-up venue earlier this month in Leadenhall Market in the City of London. Pizza Rossa specialise in preparing gourmet-quality pizza al taglio by the square slice rather than the more traditional round pizzas we are used to...

The 5 most luxurious areas in Spain

24 Jun 2014
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With its rich historical background, vibrant national culture, enticingly warm climate and breathtaking scenery, it’s easy to see why Spain is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. While it caters wonderfully for backpackers and young travellers on a budget, Spain also oozes luxury and sophistication for holidaymakers with extravagant taste...

The Channel Tunnel Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

23 Jun 2014
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When the Channel Tunnel opened 20 years ago, it was viewed as an engineering marvel and still to this day it has got to be ranked up there as one of the most remarkable engineering achievements in history along with the design of Concorde, both Anglo-French creations...

Joel Blanc Exhibition at Sofitel London St James

19 Jun 2014
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No stranger to hosting art exhibitions, the Sofitel London St James is currently hosting a “Horses and Tennis” Exhibition by Joël Blanc and at last night’s preview I got the opportunity to meet with the delightful Joël and chat about what inspires his painting and works of art...

Everything you need to know about emigrating to Portugal

18 Jun 2014
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Around 1.9 million British nationals visit Portugal every year, with popular activities in the region including golf, beaches and coastal walks. However, if you’re thinking of living there permanently, then there may be a few extra things you need to get acquainted with...

Poisonous Plants around the World

17 Jun 2014
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There are many temptations when you’re travelling, and exotic food is one of the most appealing. But hidden dangers lurk when you’re trying something new – and not just on restaurant menus...

The Provençal Terrace at The Churchill Bar & Terrace – A Touch of Provence in London

16 Jun 2014
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For those of us who enjoy a cocktail and eating al fresco in London on the few nice days we have in the summer will no doubt love the recent good weather we have been enjoying. To coincide with this, the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill have recently opened their new Provençal Terrace...

Chalet Saskia in Vaujany – A Hidden Gem in the French Alps

15 Jun 2014
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I am standing at the top of Pic Blanc. The view is both splendid and terrifying. It’s mid-January and the slopes of Pic Blanc are covered with white, powdery snow that glisten under the mid-day sun; perfect conditions for the line of snowboarders and skiers…