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Blog archive - August, 2013

The Best Scenic Routes to go for a Ride

31 Aug 2013
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Our luxury travel blog this weekend takes a look at five of the best scenic routes in the United States where you can take to the open road on your motorbike and really feel a sense of freedom. What with it being Labor Day weekend, some of you might feel inspired to do just that...

Labor Day Weekend comes to Las Vegas

Our luxury travel blog heads to Las Vegas as this Labor Day weekend is what Americans traditionally see as the end to summer. But don’t let that depress you as it is still very much summer in Las Vegas, with the temperatures in the high 90s and from Friday August 30th through to Monday September 2nd, the party scene will be in full swing...

The Rising Popularity of Cruising

28 Aug 2013
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Today our luxury travel blog takes a look at the rising popularity of cruising and how cruise liners are getting bigger and more lavish with luxury health spas and even their own theatres to bring you some of the West End hit shows...

RLife LIVE Beer & Bites Menu at St Pancras Station

Our luxury travel blog heads back to the gothic styled St Pancras Renaissance where this month the hotel is hosting a special Beer & Bites menu on the Hansom Hall Terrace to take advantage of the exceptional summer we have been having, before it moves into the Booking Office Bar once the nights begin to draw in...

Top ten items the British take on holiday

24 Aug 2013
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Our luxury travel blog takes a look at a recent survey travel insurers Columbus Direct carried out and the very interesting findings they discovered and put together in this infographic. You may be surprised at what came in tenth place only...

Cycling in The Palm Beaches

22 Aug 2013
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This month’s Palm Beach luxury travel blog and video takes a look at what you can do in Florida on two wheels and by watching the video below on biking in the Palm Beaches and you could win a Topshop gift voucher…

Top 4 Golfing Destinations with NetJets Europe

22 Aug 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog takes us to four exceptional golf courses in Europe. Following a spectacular 2012 Ryder Cup victory, Europe is one of the best destinations in the world when it comes to golf; a fitting accolade for a continent that delivers some of the most challenging, and breathtaking, courses on earth...

Top 3 Turkish Island Holidays

21 Aug 2013
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Today our luxury travel blog journeys over to Turkey as the Turkish islands are a welcome home to travellers looking to enjoy the best of Mediterranean culture and weather. Visiting any combination of them will ensure that you’ll have a holiday that’ll be hard to forget...

Top natural showers and baths from across the globe

20 Aug 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog takes us in search of natural showers, spas and thermal baths around the world, as the average bathroom shower or tub is a fantastic place to relax and unwind...

The Himalayas: The Best Destination for Adventure Sports

19 Aug 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog heads to the Himalayan mountains, known as the crown of India and rightly so. The mountain range, revered highly by Hindus, is also the home to several species of plants, birds and animals...