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Blog archive - June, 2013

Following Fitzgerald

27 Jun 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog follows in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s footsteps as we head to New York City and then over to Europe and France. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels are well-known for their evocative depictions of 1920’s glamour and decadence. His characters and settings have sparked the imaginations of readers across the world for generations, as have the glorious details of his friendships with the fashionable movers and shakers of the era...

Enjoying the Parks and Gardens of Paris

Today’s luxury travel blog heads to Paris and if you’ve just got off the Eurostar and feel the need to stretch your legs, Paris is one beautiful boulevard after another. They don’t need pointing out because they’re everywhere. But if you’re going to Paris from London or New York, you may be surprised at how comparatively few green spaces there are…

A brand new Fiji Airways takes to the skies

26 Jun 2013
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Air Pacific is about to unveil a brand new look. On June 27th, Fiji’s national airline will officially start trading and doing business as Fiji Airways. The move has included the purchase of three brand new Airbus 330 airplanes, which are the epitome of modern design and luxury, with state of the art features...

Five must-see attractions of Barcelona

25 Jun 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog heads to Barcelona, a city that’s got sun, heat and culture in abundance. It’s got the buildings, the style and the beauty to interest, entertain and impress its hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Barcelona is the magnificent capital of Catalonia and a city of art. With so much to see and do, your only problem is knowing where to start...

Top 5 NetJets Europe Destinations for Same Day Business Travel

24 Jun 2013
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With the introduction of NetJets Europe’s Same Day Return Card, getting to your business meeting in Paris and still being able to make it home for dinner has never been simpler. Fast, efficient, and with a destination network of almost 700 European airports to choose from, it is now easier to get that deal done and land on home turf again within a 24-hour timeframe...

Relocating to Singapore and the Singapore Haze

23 Jun 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog takes a look at the smoke haze that is badly affecting Singapore at the moment from the fires in Indonesia.

I very recently relocated to Singapore from the USA, and I thought I had arrived well prepared for the distinctive weather on this little island. Bringing the essential light clothes and hand fans for the incredibly high humidity...

A Taste of Italian with Obika in London’s Regent’s Park

22 Jun 2013
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Our weekend luxury travel blog heads to Taste of London in Regent’s Park where once again you can try cuisine from London’s wonderful and often colourful array of chefs and restaurants, many with Michelin Stars to their name...

A Day at Discovery Cove

21 Jun 2013
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Today’s luxury travel blog heads to Discovery Cove in Orlando, an all-inclusive day resort which lets you get up close and personal with dolphins, sharks, stingrays, fish and birds.

Discovery Cove was definitely a surprising wildlife gem in a sea of theme parks and amusement rides. This little slice of nature has so much to explore...

Plan your perfect Luxury Safari Holiday with The Luxury Safari Company

20 Jun 2013
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When you’re planning your next luxury holiday - whether it be with your partner, as a solo traveler or with your family - has a safari lodge ever caught your eye? At Africa Rose Travel, bespoke guided safari tours are what we know inside out, and helping you to plan your African adventure is our top priority...

Watch and Win with The Palm Beaches June Video

19 Jun 2013
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We head to Florida as our luxury travel blog takes a look at all the beaches The Palm Beaches have to offer on its 47 miles of coastline. You can also be in with a chance to win a Topshop Gift Voucher by watching June’s video...