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Tokyo’s Latest Culinary Offerings

10 Sep 2012
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If you haven’t heard of the newly opened Palace Hotel Tokyo, you really should have. It opened its glossy doors in May 2012 and has already exceeded all expectations of grandeur and luxury. Beside the stunning interior designs, helpful staff and faultless ambience, the hotel has become renowned for its impressive collection of restaurants and bars, which are fast becoming the city’s most sought-after foodie destinations.

Wadakura, a Japanese restaurant offering immaculate sushi under the attentive-eye of Manager, Shinji Kanesaka can be found on the sixth floor. The restaurant houses; Tatsumi, a six-seat bar plating up some of the freshest seafood; Go, serving the finest Japanese beef on teppanyaki grills; Sushi Kanesaka, a restaurant now rivalling Kanesaka’s own Michelin two-star eatery, Ginza; and the main dining room which serves Japanese classics and tasting menus.

If you are looking for Old World China, Amber Palace is the place for you. It is operated by the Chugoku Hanten Goup, known for Tokyo’s famous two-star Fureika. Seasoned chefs, experts in cooking Shanghainese and Cantonese cuisines, take the lead in the kitchen to bring guests the finest traditional gastronomy.

Next up is the hotel’s French fine dining restaurant, Crown, which is heavily associated with Patrick Henriroux, who has laid claim to La Pyramide in Vienne, France. He has been connected to the hotel since reconstruction begun and is heavily involved to date.

The hotel also has a number of other, more casual drinking and dining opportunities. This includes; the Grand Kitchen, located in the main lobby, with an open-style kitchen; Lounge Bar Privé, which boasts breath-taking views of the city skyline and the Imperial Palace gardens from its sixth floor location and of course the meticulously restored lobby level Royal Bar, which serves classic martinis with some of the finest cigars and top shelf liquors.

The Executive Director and General Manager, Masaru Watanabe recently commented, “Culinary visionaries long to satisfy the most discerning of palates. With Palace Hotel Tokyo’s uncompromising commitment to quality and the magnetism we’re generating in this city, we’re attracting a wonderful base of patrons.”

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