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Blog archive - September, 2012

5-Star Thrill Seeker Resorts

27 Sep 2012
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If you’re tired of the usual beach holiday, involving lying by the sea, a few plunges into the pool and ample food, take a look at these 5-star getaways with a difference. They are perfect for people wanting a little excitement or even those just looking to get into shape or learn something new without compromising on luxury...

Why Bees are welcome new guests at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City

27 Sep 2012
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A recent stay at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City involved a visit to the roof to meet with the new guests in the Penthouse, well all 140,000 of them to be exact.  Back in April the hotel decided that they would play their part in a state-wide agricultural effort to increase pollination across New Jersey and install a bee hive on their roof with 32,000 bees...

30 Second Automated Baggage Drop-off at Paris-Orly Airport

26 Sep 2012
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During November 2011, an Automated Baggage Drop-off System was installed in the terminals of Paris-Orly Airport. The System was developed by teams at Aéroports de Paris, and so far it has been a huge triumph...

Five Dream Destinations in The Caribbean

It’s hard if not impossible to find those untouched beaches that are free from the hoards of travellers and tourists, and if Alex Garland’s The Beach taught us anything, it’s that if you do find unspoilt paradise it’s often too good to be true. That said we’ve have compiled the five best beaches in the Caribbean that are still relatively unknown...

Detoxify, Rejuvenate and Get Fit In Paradise

20 Sep 2012
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Koh Samui is one of the most breathtaking and exquisite Islands located off the mainland of Thailand. Its stunning shoreline, azure water and beautiful surroundings all contribute to its ‘paradise’ status. Although better known for its exotic location, Koh Samui is also host to an annual marathon race, which brings over 30,000 runners to the island to compete...

The Legacies of London 2012

After hosting a tremendous summer of sport, London will go down in Olympic history as one of the finest host-cities of its time. Yet London 2012 has left behind many venues and attractions built specifically for the Games; however the facilities are set to be used by millions of Londoners and tourists alike in the near future. Here are some of our favourite prospective venues...

London Fashion Week Inspired Cocktails at The May Fair Bar

18 Sep 2012
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Many people believe The May Fair Bar is the place to be seen, with its stylish interior and the glamorous surroundings of The May Fair Hotel. Well this week being London Fashion Week, has inspired the unveiling of a special collection of cocktails exclusively put together by the May Fair Bar’s team of mixologists and LFW’s leading fashion houses...

5-Star Room Service on the Streets of New York City (Part 2)

18 Sep 2012
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Nadine and Stacy meet Matchbox Twenty (continued…)
As we waited for time to pass, we were tweeting and posting on Facebook, keeping family and friends updated on our adventure. Friends from around the world were intrigued by what we were doing, and we were lucky enough that some of these "virtual" friends actually came by to meet us, two of them traveling from Germany and Switzerland just to see Matchbox Twenty and very kindly brought us coffee, cupcakes and fruit...

5-Star Room Service on the Streets of New York City

18 Sep 2012
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When Florida housewives Nadine and Stacy planned their trip to New York they had no idea what they would be letting themselves in for. I met them quite by chance on Saturday evening just over two weeks ago and thought I would share their extraordinary story with our readers as written by them...

Our Man On The Ground Guide to Toasting When Travelling

17 Sep 2012
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Toasting is a ritual respected around the world and when travelling the occasion often arises where the polite gesture is expected. You can muddle through on a raised glass and a cry of ‘cheers’, ‘chin chin’ or ‘good health’ on many a shore but the true well-travelled modern gent will be prepared to say ‘santé’ or ‘skol’ where appropriate. Our Man On The Ground is here to guide you through toasting etiquette when travelling...