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Blog archive - August, 2012

The Lesser Known Olympic Legends

30 Aug 2012
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This summer, both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, have helped to bask London and other cities with host venues in glory. However, there are some regions that are directly or indirectly associated with the Olympics that have been left out of the limelight...

11th Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament

23 Aug 2012
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Did you know that in Thailand they ride the more exotic Elephants while playing Polo rather than horses? We certainly had no idea; however we’ve recently stumbled across an exciting (and very popular) event in the royal seaside town of Hua Hin in Thailand. It is the King’s Cup Elephant Polo tournament and is the eleventh of its kind...

The Cigar Room Lights Up The May Fair Hotel

21 Aug 2012
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Old-fashioned smoking rooms were all but dead since the indoor smoking ban, however a new trend has hit the Cigar market and newly made COSAs (cosy, outdoor smoking areas) have been created. The Cigar Room in the newly opened May Fair Hotel is one not to be missed...

The Oceanic Restaurant Lands

16 Aug 2012
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Staying at a hotel the night before a flight can sometimes seem a bit tedious, but we have found the ideal way to begin any holiday departing from Heathrow. A fabulous new restaurant, The Oceanic, has recently opened its doors to the public, and we have to say we love it!

Celebrating 50 Years of The Beatles

16 Aug 2012
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One of the most influential rock bands to emerge from Britain, The Beatles, are celebrating 50 Years of international fame and admiration. This year marks 50 years since the release of ‘Love me Do’, the notorious song that catapulted The Beatles into the worldwide spotlight...

Update: Thrilling 'SEBA Beton on Fire' Finale this Weekend

9 Aug 2012
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To all @omotg thrill-seeking followers, this weekend the finale of the famous high-adrenalin ‘Beton on Fire’ contest is taking place in La Plagne. Some of the world’s best riders will be hurtling down La Plagne’s bob-sleigh tracks on either inline skates or skateboards in an attempt to take first place in the nail-biting competition...

Visit Festival Season in Ireland and win an iPod Shuffle

7 Aug 2012
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Do you fancy a holiday with a difference and your chance to win an iPod Shuffle? Then why not head to Ireland and sample ‘Next Door Neighbours’, a series of events and festivals that are taking place from June through to October 2012...

Going for Gold at The Dorchester

7 Aug 2012
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The Bar at The Dorchester is celebrating Britain’s outstanding achievements and competitive spirit over the course of this summer with an exclusive ‘Going for Gold’ cocktail.

Legendary bar manager, Giuliano Morandin, and his team of expert mixologists created this exceptionally imaginative cocktail using inspiration from the exciting sporting triumph taking place in London this year.

OMOTG’s 2012 Top Honeymoon destinations

7 Aug 2012
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For all those lucky couples walking down the aisle this year, firstly we would like to offer big congratulations and secondly we would like to help you discover your ideal honeymoon destination.  After a hectic few weeks, months or even years planning the big day many couples need a chance to relax, enjoy some sunshine and enjoy a (well earned!) break together.

48 Hours in The New Forest

7 Aug 2012
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Taking a gulp of earthy air, I try to calm my nerves – but my insides are jelly. Heart pounding, I grip the tree trunk three storeys high, peering at the forest floor below.

My ears prick at the sound of a primate’s howl. The beast is getting closer. With a thud, it lands on my branch and bounds over to me. ‘Isn’t this fun?’ grins the stranger...